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Welcome to the

Veolia Flint Facts website

The purpose of this site is to share key facts and information about the Flint Water Crisis and Veolia's efforts to help the City of Flint in 2015. Everything that we have published here is based on facts. We stand behind every word.

Within these pages, you will find that:

  • The Flint Water Crisis was a catastrophic failure of government, from the bureaucrats on the ground all the way up to the Governor's office. Yet none of them were actually held accountable.
  • Veolia's engineers worked in Flint for a short period of time, 10 months after the beginning of the crisis. The government officials ignored most of their advice to fix the water, including their recommendation to add corrosion control.
  • Veolia's engineers never had any power over the operations of the Flint Water Treatment Plant of the actions of government officials.

The same trial lawyers who are taking hundreds of millions of dollars out of the Flint settlement fund and away from the people of Flint are attacking our company and our people, both in court and in the press, in a desperate attempt to make more money.

When a municipality needs help with their water system, they call Veolia, because we are the best in the business. When a company faces false, very serious allegations, they hire the best lawyers to help defend them in court. And when those false allegations are spread as fact in the media and elsewhere, you do your best to share your side of the story.

That's exactly what we have done on Veolia Flint Facts,

and we will continue to do so.