State of Lead in America

Map of the US
Color marks zones at high risk of lead poisoning. MAP source: Vox

Due to structural deficiencies and aging pipelines, the presence of lead in water has been an issue across the United States for decades. Because of the heavy costs to replace miles and miles of pipelines feeding water into thousands of cities and millions of homes, the health of millions of Americans has taken a backseat to financial concerns.

We are calling on federal and state regulators to take action: lead is a public health concern that has been ignored for far too long. It must be addressed urgently.

Flint is only one example of what could happen in hundreds of cities all across America.

Fast Facts & Key Numbers

6-10 million

lead service lines in the United States, according to the EPA

9.7-12.8 million

pipes that are, or may be, lead according to the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

$​​1 trillion

would be necessary to replace every lead service line in the United States

All 50

states and the District of Columbia are concerned

At least 22 million

Americans are affected