Veolia is not to blame in Flint Get the facts

Learn more about Veolia North America’s limited one-month contract in Flint, and how officials are trying to deflect blame from those truly responsible

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Veolia North America's Involvement in Flint

Veolia North America was hired by Flint to treat Trihalomethane (THM) in February 2015 -- nine months after the city had already switched its water source

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The Long History of Lead Issues in Flint

City and state officials were aware of potential lead issues as far back as 1998, and expressed concern about lead in the city’s service lines

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Flint's Decision to Switch the Water Without Corrosion Controls

Despite their full awareness of the risks, city and state officials made the switch to the Flint River in 2014 without taking necessary precautions

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The Impact on the Public, and the Decision by Officials to Do Nothing

In the months before VNA was hired, Flint citizens were already raising concerns about tainted water and illness -- yet officials opted to "live with it"

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Officials Refuse to Consider Returning to Detroit Water

Even as the public outcry continued to build, city and state officials refused to consider switching back to the city’s original water supply, telling VNA's experts that such a switch would be "inconceivable"

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Officials Withhold Critical Lead Results from VNA and the People of Flint

Despite VNA's good-faith recommendations for corrosion controls, officials shockingly concealed test results showing high lead levels in the home of a Flint resident, telling VNA to keep its focus on other issues besides lead

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Officials Ignore VNA Recommendations for Corrosion Control

VNA's completes its one-month contract to analyze water for chemicals contributing to taste and odor issues, but also makes a recommendation for corrosion controls that would help mitigate lead contamination -- recommendations officials choose to ignore

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VNA's Involvement in Flint Comes to an End, as the Public Becomes Aware of the Betrayal by Government Officials

Government officials at all levels acknowledge that VNA had a limited role that did not include lead analysis, as public investigations and courts hold officials accountable for a "government-created environmental disaster."

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