Veolia North America's
Involvement in Flint

The responsibility for the harm the crisis caused to Flint citizens rests with the public officials who decided to switch the city's water supply to the Flint River.

  • Veolia North America’s involvement in Flint did not begin until February 2015 -- more than nine months after the decision to switch the water supply had been made. VNA’s contract involved a $40,000 short-term assignment focused primarily on diagnosing and helping solve the significant problems created by a cancer-causing contaminant called Trihalomethane.
  • Most of VNA’s subsequent recommendations to the City of Flint were rejected or ignored by public officials, including a recommendation for corrosion control.
  • As the facts have unfolded, it is evident that local and state officials were well aware of potential lead issues in Flint. The public deserves the truth as stated by the Sixth Circuit United States Court of Appeals: “This case arises out of the infamous government-created environmental disaster commonly known as the Flint Water Crisis.”