Government Officials, Aware of High Lead Levels in Flint Home, Conceal Data from VNA and the Public

Several experts and consultants, including VNA, separately discussed and advised the City of Flint regarding the potential for lead issues in the distribution system, recommending additional testing and implementation of some form of corrosion control treatment.

Significantly, City and State officials purposefully withheld critical information from VNA about potential widespread distribution issues.

  • VNA was not told that on February 18, 2015, LeeAnne Walters' tap water tested at 104 ppb.
  • VNA was not told that the MDEQ and EPA were investigating this potential widespread lead issue in Flint—"WOW! Did he [Michael Glasgow, Flint Water Treatment Plant employee] find lead...there's actual evidence that the water is leaching contaminants from the biofilms...".
  • VNA was not told that at a closed-door City Executive meeting in March 2015 that the "lead tests" issues were discussed.
  • VNA was not told that in the fall of 2014, Flint Water Treatment Plant employee Mark Pavwoski discovered completely stripped pipes in the Flint distribution system and immediately brought this to the attention of Public Works Director Howard Croft.
  • VNA was not told that city and state officials had engaged in behavior in an effort to cover up and withhold critical information from the public and from VNA.